Simple Steps To Take When Working Out Your SEO Strategy For The Best Possible Rankings

In this short article, we will list 5 steps to help with this…

With each passing year, there are more ways than ever that you can create a content marketing strategy that will lead to winning in search engine optimisation. 

With so many changes in the search engine algorithms, it’s more crucial than ever to have an effective content marketing strategy. In this post, we’ll share with you some ways to get started with your own great content marketing plan.

1) Review Your Current SEO 

It’s important to review how well you’re currently doing in terms of SEO, and also to look back on what you’ve spent your hard-earned money on and how far those pounds took you before. 

You can do this by looking at the analytics of your current website, as well as your platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The last thing you want to do is to spend time and money on SEO, only to find that you’re going in the wrong direction.

2) Mark Down Your Most Important Pages

You should mark the most important pages that convert well and will help you to acquire new customers. 

This includes all the pages that are performing well for you, as well as all the pages that you want to do better with. 

Next, you should note how many times people visit your homepage, how many times they visit your top pages and how often they visit pages that are not as important.

3) Conduct Keyword Research

To understand how your audience feels about certain topics, and also to discover what your competitors are doing, do some keyword research. 

You should check out the keywords you rank for and see if there are any other useful keywords that you can rank for, as well as any that you might not be ranking for.

4) Create Goals for Your SEO Campaign

You should create goals for your SEO campaign, and figure out what you want to accomplish from your search engine optimisation work. 

These goals should include your top keywords, as well as backlinks or inbound links. You should also determine if there are certain keywords you want to rank for, or if there are certain keywords you want to avoid ranking for.

5) Make Sure Your Content Matches the Keywords

You should create your content and make sure you’re writing content that is relevant to your keywords, and also make sure it has the proper keywords in it. 

The best way to know if the keywords are appropriate for your content is to pay attention to the CTR or click-through rate. 

This is the number of times people click on your content and then visit your site. 

If the CTR is low, then the keywords might not be right for your content.

It’s important to know that you can’t just focus on your local SEO, you also need to focus on your global SEO, if relevant. If you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business. 


When it comes to your search engine optimisation, a content marketing strategy will help you to determine what is working for you, in addition to what can work for you in the future. 

Evaluate your SEO strategy and make it stronger by partnering with a search engine optimisation agency like Edinburgh SEO GMB. We will work with you to build your online presence and boost your SEO rankings. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you.



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