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Ever felt like you’ve heard of SEO services but never really understood it, how it works or perhaps you’ve tried it in the past with poor results?

Edinburgh SEO GMB was created solely to provide small business owners with the tools to Get More Business.

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Our SEO Services

Although heavily based around SEO we can offer a range of services to get that phone ringing.  Get in touch if you need anything explained.  We love connecting with business owners.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation for your website is one of the first things you should be doing to build a solid foundation for your business.

It isn’t enough to have a beautiful looking website as the search engines like Google need to be able to find it.

Here is a shortlist that is included in the SEO packages we offer:

  • GMB / Bing Map Optimisation
  • GMB Weekly Relevant Posts
  • GMB Q&A Optimisation
  • GSC/BWT Optimisation
  • Technical Code Deployment
  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • On-Page Audit and Optimisation
  • Citation Cleanup & Creation

Plus lots more…

Content Optimisation

Whatever your goals for your business and brand you will want to build on all these potential clients/customers that will be finding you through SEO.

You can keep at the forefront of these people by making sure it’s your brand that they see everywhere, become omnipresent.

It’s not the same for everyone but when someone goes through the buying process they need to trust they are making the correct decision.  

It’s not uncommon for someone to have to ‘see’ your brand 7 times before making that decision to buy.

Whatever you need in Marketing we can help:

  • Google ad campaign
  • FB ads
  • Youtube channel
  • Email marketing
  • Google my Business optimisation 

Get in touch to discuss…

On Page Optimisation

It’s one thing to have a beautiful looking website for the people who visit, but it’s a whole different ball game when talking on-page SEO.


What does this actually mean to you…


Well the way a search engine ‘reads a website is far different from the way you or I look at website.  The ‘bots’ will crawl your website to find out what it’s all about but if you havn’t got the key information in the correct place then your website will languish way off page 1 and never been seen!

Off Page Optimisation

Once your on-page optimisation has been carefully altered to help the search engines know what you about it’s onto off-page.


This can be more technical in nature but this is where we exceed in relation to other agencies out there.

The more authoritative businesses and websites that ‘point’ to your business gives you the upper hand.  All these votes of confidence help Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc know that you’re the go-to in your niche.

We can help build that authority through our proven strategies to get your business named in only the most important outlets.


Data Analysis

We only use the very best tools in crunching the numbers when it comes to your website and SEO.

We can also look into what your competitors are doing and give you an insight of what’s possible.


Our detailed analysis will give you the key advantages on what it is you need to get noticed online and what that could potentially for you.


Every month we give you details on your progress with our transparent and open communications, nothing is left to chance.


SEO Strategy

Being an authority in your niche will boost sales.

What if you could be everywhere for your key business area…

Every time someone ‘Google’s your business’ you seem to just be everywhere!

This builds TRUST and we can help you with this.

With our years of building relationships and knowing what works, we can create media campaigns that are transmitted to over 400 outlets.

These powerful campaigns are twofold at pushing you up the rankings and giving you that authority plus trust within your industry.

Let us know if you have any questions

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Reverse engineering the competition to find out what it is that’s making them rank no.1 is what we do best.  Nothing is left uncovered and we build on what works for you.

There can be a million and one things that most agencies will say provides results.  We only put your investment in exactly what we know moves the needle, nothing else!

In-Depth Website Quality Analysis

Edinburgh SEO

Answers To Your SEO Questions

What is an SEO expert?

Someone that works smarter not harder.  Some people make SEO very complicated so that no one asks questions.  An SEO expert only works on what works and shows the results with no fluff.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

Yes of course.  If you’re willing to put in the time, money, and effort then anything is possible.  The only question is, who will run your business whilst you retrain?

I tried SEO in the past and didn’t see any results?

This is very common in this industry unfortunately and SEO can be carried out badly!  All we can say is why not have a chat, let us take you through a demo and see what comes out of the conversation.

Can I just sign up to SEO on a monthly basis?

Yes, absolutely.  We never sign you up to a binding contract and you can cancel anytime.

All that we would say is that SEO is a long game and you should’t see it as a quick fix.  Most of the changes we make can take weeks or months to be picked up by the Search Engines.  With this is mind it would be advisable to anticipate working with us for 6-12 months before seeing quantifiable results.


This is all dependent on the competitive nature of your business and the city/town in which you’re based.

Can you really get me on page 1 of Google?

If our past history is anything to go by then yes, absolutely!

As the nature of your business and location of your business will invariably be different to others then only time and investment will be the deciding factor.


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