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Smart Gas Solutions

A place to share content and creatives for ads.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Monitor performance of the Boiler Cover page so that it reaches high conversion rates.

Big bold entry title that explains exactly what’s to come.

Calls to action to give the lead multiple times to give over contact info.

Images, content, tables to improve the overall quality of the page for the user.

Project summary

FB ad/s to focus on bringing in leads for new boiler cover plans.

The Strategy

Test different creatives using video to get the attention of the social media user. 


  • Target different genders to find out who convert.
  • Test different age ranges.
  • Change out ads on a weekly basis for those that convert.
  • Retarget leads that click ad but don’t fill in form.
  • Fill in form on Boiler Cover landing page in site.

Sample Creatives

These are purely for a taste of the possibilities, they really are endless depending on how you would like to portray the business.

The music is added randomly to show what’s possible and video’s can also come without music.

New content can be added as they are created depending on what you’d like to see.